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Mission Statement

* The Fondy Junior Football League was organized exclusively for educational and instructional purposes in the development of youth football. The organization is dedicated to the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship, and to the development of character in football players. We believe that players will have fun if each player has the opportunity to develop football skills to the best of his/her ability through practice and organized game participation. It is the goal of this organization to teach the game of football, to assure player safety and provide intelligent supervision insofar as it is possible and to provide for the welfare of the participants, and finally to instill in each player the virtues necessary to achieve success.

Board of Directors

Ryan Deiler
(920) 897-1634
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Johnny Herbeck
Website / Facilities
(920) 579-3181
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Dick Schnell
Treasurer / Coach / Website
cell: (920) 904-0426

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Sam Plucker
Varisity Head Coach

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Brenda Woelfel
Secretary/Team Managers/Concessions
(920) 979-5533

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Dave Michalkiewicz

Board Member

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Ishamon Harris
(920) 251-1201

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Todd Schreiter
Vice President/ Coach
(920) 948-3861

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Ben Spittel
(920) 539-1095

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Fondy Junior Football League